Month: August 2019

How to prevent your credit line from being a danger

When you buy a card, a credit line also comes with it, which is the amount of money the bank is giving you so you can spend. This line is assigned according to the credit evaluation that the bank makes, where its level of income influences. The credit line can represent a danger if you Read More

What should I consider when choosing cancer insurance for my family?

In the task of protecting against one of the most common diseases of all, cancer, it is necessary to take certain measures to combat it in case it appears. Since the first date is already here, it is important that you know how much you will receive, you must notify it immediately to cancel it Read More

This is how you can choose a payday loan

There can be an event in our lives whenever we need some financial help. In such cases, of course, we can borrow from relatives, but we may not be able to do so. There is nothing left but a payday loan. Just which one to pick? We help you make the choice. When looking for Read More

Have you been paying interest for years? We tell you how to get out of debt.

I know people who only buy in cash. They save and save until they reach the goal and take pleasure in owing nothing. They have always seemed somewhat exaggerated. Also, I have friends who pay everything on credit and, really, I always wonder, how do they pay all their debts? Personally, I am overwhelmed by Read More

Are personal insurance and loans necessary?

The closing of the year 2016 has certified a moderate increase in the granting of personal loans in Spain, something that will continue this 2017 and the next years in the heat of the economic recovery. But behind this concession there are also conditions, one of the most repeated life insurance . In principle we Read More